Acromegaly: Objectives of Therapy

  • H.-J. Quabbe
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Untreated acromegaly is associated with increased morbidity and reduced life expectancy [1, 19, 33]. Advances in microsurgical and radiation techniques and the development of new forms of medical treatment have now greatly improved the fate of these patients. On the other hand, refined methods of endocrinological evaluation have shown that complete cure is still not achieved in many patients [22]. New insights into the physiology of GH secretion and its regulation have been gained. More sensitive methods for the radioimmunological determination of GH and the GH-dependent somatomedin-C (Sm-C/IGF I) have made it possible to better define the limits between normal and pathological secretion. This review will therefore attempt to discuss the objectives of treatment especially in terms of GH concentrations and dynamics of secretion following surgical and/or irradiation therapy or during medical treatment.


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