Importance of Humoral and Cellular Immunological Parameters for the Pathogenesis of Viral Myocarditis

  • B. Maisch
  • M. Herzum
  • T. Izumi
  • S. Nunoda


Problems in the diagnosis and treatment of myocarditis are not new to medicine. Jean Baptiste Senac, physician in ordinary to the French Emperor Louis XV, wrote some 300 years ago: “The inflammation of our heart is difficult to diagnose, and if we have diagnosed it, can we really treat it more safely?” (J. B. Senac quoted by Schramm [54]). Similarly the WHO/ISCF task force definition of dilated cardiomyopathy [47] as “heart muscle disease of unknown cause” which is postulated to be a common end point of different etiopathogenetic entities, which also include myocarditis, more likely describes our lack of knowledge than a disease entity.


Dilate Cardiomyopathy Infective Endocarditis Rheumatic Heart Disease Cardiac Sarcoidosis Sick Sinus Syndrome 
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  • M. Herzum
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  • T. Izumi
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