Monoclonal Antibodies in Diagnostic Cytopathology

  • G. P. Vooijs
  • A. Huijsmans
  • M. Salet-van der Pol
  • A. van Aspert-van Erp
  • F. Ramaekers


Especially in cytopathologic diagnosis, immunohistochemistry may be a particularly strong tool because fine-needle aspiration biopsy smears, sputum smears, or cytologic preparations from body cavity effusions are often partially or entirely devoid of any morphologic information. Since the diagnosis of pathologic changes by cytologic examination of exfoliated or aspirated cellular material is becoming an increasingly important part of diagnostic pathology, considerable effort has been put into the development of immunohistochemical methods for use in cytology during the past few years [3, 10].


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  • G. P. Vooijs
  • A. Huijsmans
  • M. Salet-van der Pol
  • A. van Aspert-van Erp
  • F. Ramaekers

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