Comparison of the Action of an α-Glucosidase Inhibitor (Acarbose) and a Sulfonylurea Preparation (Glisoxepide) in Non-insulin-dependent Diabetics

  • J. Fabian-Krause
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The efficacy of a 4-week treatment with acarbose compared to that with glisoxepide was studied in a controlled group comparison in 40 diabetics treated with diet alone. The median age of the patients was 70 (minimum 40, maximum 85), and the Broca index was 0.97 (0.69–1.74). The median history of diabetes was 54 months (minimum 0, maximum 24 months). The median daily acarbose dose throughout the treatment period was 300 mg (minimum 150 mg, maximum 600 mg). The median daily glisoxepide dose was 1 tablet (1st week) and 2 tablets (2nd–4th weeks). The two groups were not comparable. Patients in the acarbose group were significantly younger (p < 0.04) and had a longer history of diabetes (p < 0.05).


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