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Geographical and Historical Background

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If one tries to imagine the sea level being lowered by only 90 m, the entire Yellow Sea and the adjacent portion of the East China Sea would run dry. Korea would lose its peninsular nature and disappear into the continental mass of Asia. The eastern coast of northern China would move approximately 800 km eastward to coincide with the present eastern coast of Korea. The eastern coast of Korea would be dislocated only minimally by such a lowering of the sea level, however, for the Sea of Japan is relatively deep, its floor dropping to more than 3000 m below sea level not far from the coast of the continent. The steeply sloping coastline continues its sharp decline under the water level for the entire length of the eastern coast of Korea. The 200-m isobath lies less than 4 km from the coast, and the 1000-m isobath lies 8 km from the coast.


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