Inflatable Penile Prostheses

  • F. Schreiter
  • J. Denil
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The use of penile prostheses is the oldest and best-known treatment of erectile dysfunction. In the last few years, alternative methods have been presented, i.e., self-injection of the corpora cavernosa with vasoactive drugs, ligature of the penile deep dorsal vein, and bypass operations to improve the arterial blood supply to the penis. Although increasingly popular, these alternative methods have not been able to reduce the number of prosthesis implantations in the long run. After a short initial drop, the implantation rate is again increasing worldwide. This is due to critical reports on the alternative treatments.


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  • F. Schreiter
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  • J. Denil
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  1. 1.Urological DepartmentVerbandskrankenhaus MartfeldSchwelmGermany

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