Defects, Hysteresis and Memory Effects in Modulated Systems

  • J. P. Jamet
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 27)


Phase transitions in modulated systems are sensitive to the presence of defects, which may result in shifting of transition temperatures or changing critical behavior: defects are also responsible for specific hysteresis and memory effects. Some defects are intrinsic (discommensurations, phase vortices) some are extrinsinc (substitutional atoms, interstitials, irradiation defects, dislocations…). Frozen-in extrinsic defects deform the modulation phase and produce pinning of sliding modes, while mobile defects adjust to the modulation phase, giving rise to different properties. The memory effects which have been discovered in thiourea can be understood on the basis of mobile defects ordering in a defect density wave (DDW) with the modulation periodicity. This DDW traps in turn the modulation for the same wavevector. A variety of modulated structures has been shown recently to exhibit DDW condensation, both in insulators and charge density wave systems. In general, the nature of these mobile defects is unidentified. Irradiation defects give new problems: locked phases can be washed out, while new phases with arbitrary (irrational) wavevectors appear. Finally, the behavior of the memory effects in thiourea presents an interesting analogy with the properties of associative memories.


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