The Submerged Part of the Hercynian-Alleghanian Foldbelt on the North Atlantic Margins

  • Jean-Pierre Lefort


In contrast to the Caledonian-Appalachian and Ligerian (eo-Hercynian)-Acadian mobile belts, which occur offshore as fragments of Cordilleran- type orogenic belts, the concealed segments of the Hercynian foldbelt present none of the linear features typical of subduction-related orogenies. The Hercynian foldbelt, on the other hand, extends in a rather diffuse manner over almost the entire area of interest in this study. Furthermore, the intensity of metamorphism and deformation varies abruptly from place to place. In common with all other Palaeozoic orogenies, the Hercynian has resulted from the northward drift of Gondwana, or one of its detached fragments.


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