Severe Cystic Bone Lesions: Skeletal Manifestation of Mastocytosis or Special Kind of Primary Osteoporosis?

  • K. J. Woggan
  • H.-P. Kruse
  • G. Delling
  • F. Kuhlencordt
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Nettleship (1869) firstly described cutaneous mastocytosis as “an unusual form of urticaria”. Sangster (1877) called these lesions urticaria pigmentosa, Unna (1887) firstly recognized mast cell infiltrations to be responsible for this disease. The earliest description of the mast cells was made by Paul Ehrlich in 1879. For a long time mastocytosis was thought to be a benign cutaneous lesion only and so this term was used as a synonym of the clinical term urticaria pigmentosa. Since Bertelotti (1943) and Ellis (1949) described mast cell infiltrations in nearly all organ systems and Sagher et al. (1952) discovered the involvement of bones, mastocytosis was recognized as a potential systemic disease.


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  • H.-P. Kruse
  • G. Delling
  • F. Kuhlencordt

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