Alloantigens on leukocytes and platelets: Biochemistry

  • Michael J. Crumpton
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Forensic Haemogenetics book series (HAEMOGENETICS, volume 2)


Alloantigens of leukocytes and platelets are coded by genes located in the class I and II regions of the HLA complex. The class I region has at least 17 genes of which the HLA-A,B and C loci code for a glycosylated transmembrane polypeptide of 43kDa (kilo Daltons) which is associated non-covalently with β2-microglobulin a non-glycosylated, non-polymorphic 12kDa polypeptide. The 43kDa polypeptide comprises three domains ( α1, α2, α3 ) on the cell surface.


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