Prostaglandins and Cellular Restitution — Physiological and Pathological Implications

  • T. Miyake
  • M. Murakami
  • Y. Kobayashi
Conference paper


Gastric mucosa is known to heal rapidly after injury induced by various agents such as luminal acid, bile salts, and ethanol. Recent studies suggest that endogenous and exogenous prostaglandins (PGs) play an important role in the protection of the gastric mucosa against the deleterious effects of these agents. Cytoprotection of PGs appears to be mediated by the stimulation of defensive mechanisms such as bicarbonate mucus barriers and maintenance of gastric microcirculation. We evaluated the effects of PGs on restitution of epithelial cells after damage of the gastric mucosa induced by ethanol in terms of gastric potential difference (PD), gastric mucosal blood flow, and autoradiography of the gastric mucosa.


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  • T. Miyake
  • M. Murakami
  • Y. Kobayashi

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