Discussion Following the Report of Dr. Rees

  • Wolfram Domschke
  • Hanns Gerd Dammann
  • B. M. Peskar
  • K. H. Holtermüller
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One of the problems that we all have is the philosophy that if we can measure something in the laboratory, it must have something to do with the disease. Recently we have been able to measure the presence of the Campylobacter pylori organism in patients’ stomachs. We note that they swim in the mucus, and they probably alter its structure and function. They are clearly associated with altered surface of the gastrointestinal mucosa and with polymorphonuclear cell infiltration. To renew themselves they should induce some other alterations in the cells’ abilities. Would you discuss this? How does this fit with the other information that you have given us?


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  • Wolfram Domschke
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  • Hanns Gerd Dammann
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  • B. M. Peskar
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  • K. H. Holtermüller
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