Hypertension as a Major Risk Factor in Diabetic Patients on Hemodialysis and CAPD

  • E. Ritz
  • C. Hasslacher
  • W. Tschöpe
Conference paper


The magnitude of the problem of hypertension in diabetic patients is illustrated by Fig. 1. In Type I diabetics with no proteinuria, the prevalence of hypertension is higher than in age- and sex-matched cohorts of the general population. Hypertension increases in progressively more advanced stages of nephropathy. Even more striking is the high prevalence of hypertension in nonproteinuric Type II diabetics, an observation which may be related — at least in part — to the possible role of insulin in raising blood pressure as recently discussed by many authors. The prevalence of hypertension increases with progressive severity of nephropathy such as occurs in Type I diabetics.


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  • E. Ritz
  • C. Hasslacher
  • W. Tschöpe

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