The Pharmacology of Lymphocytes

Volume 85 of the series Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology pp 587-610

Future Prospects for Drug Design of Lymphocyte Modulators

  • J. Drews
  • , W. Haas

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There are well-established procedures for the design and presentation of scientific reviews. Unfortunately, all of the conventions and rules developed in this context are quite useless when it comes to writing a scientific preview, or to put it more bluntly, to predicting the future of a given area of research. By its very nature, scientific progress is unpredictable. We are entitled to assume that progress will continue in the future as it has in the past, but we know nothing about its quality, and we can only guess at which point in time a particular scientific question can be answered. The task of designing future therapy in any area of pharmacology is therefore a rather futile one, and is more likely to contribute to the amusement of future generations of scientists than to the enlightenment of the present one. However, drug therapy is not only a matter of research, but also a matter of applying the results of basic research to a particular therapeutic purpose, a process which we may call development.