Malignant change in megaesophagus: has it a specific clinical picture?

  • R. Giuli
Conference paper


The incidence of mahgnant degeneration in megaesophagus is not low; it amounted to 8.6% (26 cases) in our series of 302 operations for megaesophagus. The correlation between the two disorders seems to be genuine rather than simple coincidence, taking into account that the mean incidence of cancer in a normal population is only 15.5 per 100.000 men. On the other hand, in our series of 26 cases, we noted a relative frequency of this degeneration in women (5 cases)


Ulcerative Colitis Esophageal Carcinoma Malignant Change Esophageal Dilatation Malignant Degeneration 
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