In its early years, the conservation movement concentrated on the establishment of what the Dutch call ‘nature monuments’: tracts of land on which something beautiful grew or bred that was to be kept unharmed. From this period dates the view, still favoured by advocates of Progress, that conservation has an element of luxury, in that it results in the useless locking up of natural resources. This view is, however, obsolete. Nowadays we regard conservation as an indispensable part of the wide field also known as ‘the wise utilization of natural resources’, aiming at utilization ad infinitum. In the World Conservation Strategy (IUCN 1980) this is summed up in three points:
  1. 1.

    To maintain essential ecological processes and life-support systems.

  2. 2.

    To preserve genetic diversity.

  3. 3.

    To ensure the sustainable utilization of species and ecosystems.



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    Some Australian foresters have suggested that logging results in greater species richness per hectare. Numerically this may be so as secondary species invade the logged-over forest. Ecologically, it is a misleading theory. If the disturbance is slight, these secondary species are temporary. In case of large-scale disturbances, the secondary species will suffocate a high percentage of the seedlings and saplings of the primary forest, and cause a setback at best, or at worst contribute to the (gradual) disappearance of primary forest.Google Scholar
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    By the World Resources Institute, the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme (WRI, World Resources Institute 1985).Google Scholar

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