Surgical Stabilisation of Serious Posterior Instability of the Knee: A Preliminary Report on Personal Techniques

  • J.-L. Meystre
Conference paper


Several recent publications seem to prove the progressive nature of posterior instabilities (Barton 1985; Dandy and Pusey 1982; Clancy et al. 1983; Kennedy et al. 1979; Hughston and Degenhardt 1982), and results of surgical stabilisation are often disappointing (Hughston and Degenhardt 1982; Dejour 1984; Müller 1985). The mechanical problem is complex, particularly because of the small articular congruence and the important physiological mobility of the lateral compartment.


Anterior Cruciate Ligament Posterior Cruciate Ligament Pivot Shift Lateral Condyle Surgical Stabilisation 
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  • J.-L. Meystre
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  1. 1.Service Universitaire d’Orthopédie et TraumatologieLausanneSwitzerland

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