Mineralization Process and Genesis of Tin Deposits in North Guangxi, China

  • Peng Daliang
  • Guo Yuru
  • Deng Degui
Conference paper


The tin deposits in north Guangxi probably went through three stages of mineralization: the first was related to Proterozoic Sibuian basic magmatic rocks, the second to Proterozoic Xuefengian granitic intrusions, and the third to Caledonian metamorphism and transformation of the pre-existing tin deposits. The mineralization elements were probably supplied mainly by the mantle-derived basic and ultrabasic rocks, and later during crustal remelting. Therefore, the tin deposits in north Guangxi are multi-staged and of different sources.

The north Guangxi tin deposits can be divided into: 1) deposits repeatedly transformed by magmatic hydrothermal activities, such as the Yidong-Wudi tin deposits; 2) deposits transformed by metamorphic hydrothermal fluids, such as the Jiomao tin deposit; 3) metasedimentary deposits, such as the Xiaodongjiang tin deposit; and 4) greisen Sn-Cu deposits, such as the Wuyongling deposit.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Peng Daliang
  • Guo Yuru
  • Deng Degui
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Geological SciencesBureau of Geology and Mineral Resources of Zhuang Autonomous Region of GuangxiNanning, GuangxiChina

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