On the Solutions for Contact Binary Systems

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Although the pioneering paper of Lucy (1968) appeared already 18 years ago, the theory of contact binaries is by far not yet in a satisfactory state. This concerns in particular an aspect with which I will not deal here at all, namely the inability to reproduce theoretically the observed systems (light curves, period-colour relation). This might indicate that some basic physical effects are still missing. But even with in the frame of the presently used description, rather little is known of the solutions and their stability. This is due to the fact, that one has to deal with a whole variety of unknown parameters. On the other hand, it is cumbersome to obtain numerical solutions. Consequently, only rather few of them were available in the literature until recently. The present review is based on three papers by Kahler, Matraka and Weigert (1986a,b,c = papers I,II,III) who recently presented and discussed a large number of new numerical results.


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