Comparison of Cemented and Cementless Ankle Arthroplasty

  • H. Kofoed


Cementless ankle arthroplasty has been used within the last decade. There are no reports to say whether this procedure would give better results than prosthesis fixed with cement. It has been claimed that cementless use of prosthesis would not change their fate [1]. While waiting for the Scan dinavian total ankle replacement (STAR) prosthesis to become cementless (hydroxy-apatite coated), it was first used with cement fixation, from 1986 to 1989. Since 1990, the prosthesis has been used in the cementless version. All patients are in a prospective series with yearly follow-ups. This gives an opportunity to test whether the cementless fixation gives better results or not.


Tibial Component Prospective Series Matoid Arthritis Talus Dome Cement Fixation 
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