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Lipid Gene Trasfer, a Story of Simplicity and Complexity

  • Natasha J. Caplen
Conference paper
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 105)


It is 10 years since the first description of the use of a positively charged lipid to deliver nucleic acids to mammalian cells (Feigner et al., 1987). In essence the methodology of liposome-mediated transfer of nucleic acids is very simple. Cells are exposed to a complex of nucleic acid and lipid formed by simply mixing the two components together. The lipid in some way facilities both uptake of the nucleic acid by, and transport within a cell, usually enhancing transfer many fold over that seen if nucleic acid alone is used. However, this description is proving to be something of an over simplification of what is probably a much more complex process. This review will discuss the basic chemistry of the most widely used cationic liposomes, current models for DNA-liposome complexes, the chemical and biological factors that effect the efficiency of DNA transfer, and the proposed trafficking mechanisms that facilitate DNA transfer to the nucleus.


Cationic liposomes liposome-mediated gene transfer 


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