• Eckehard Schöll
Part of the Springer Series in Synergetics book series (SSSYN, volume 35)


This book deals with physical aspects of current instabilities in semiconductors, induced by generation and recombination (g-r) processes of the charge carriers. Although instabilities of semiconductors and insulators have been known for a very long time, for example in connection with dielectric breakdown in solids [1.1], the view of such an instability as a phase transition in a physical system far from equilibrium is a fairly recent development. The analogy of an overheating instability of the electron gas with an equilibrium phase transition was pointed out by Volkov and Kogan [1.2] in the late sixties, and Pytte and Thomas [1.3] drew this analogy in the case of the Gunn instability of the electron-drift velocity at about the same time. But generation-recombination (g-r) induced phase transitions in semiconductors were first noted by Landsberg and Pimpale [1.4] only a decade ago, stimulated by the similarity with Schlögl’sfamous chemical reaction models for nonequilibrium phase transitions [1.5]. During these past ten years both the experimental observation and theoretical understanding of g-r induced phase transitions have made great progress, and have established a wealth of novel phenomena and models, thus giving birth to a new member of the growing family of physical and nonphysical systems that exhibit nonequilibrium phase transitions. The study of these systems has generated a new interdisciplinary field of science for which Haken, who pioneered these phenomena in the field of laser physics [1.6], has coined the name “synergetics” [1.7–9].


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