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Leiomyomata are benign tumours arising from smooth-muscle fibres. The first cases reported in the literature are attributed to Virchow (1854, cited by Stout 1953) and Forster (1858 cited by Howard 1948), and the most complete studies are those of Stout 1937, Magner and Mill (1961), and Neviaser and Newman (1977). Lever (1967) distinguishes two forms of this lesion, multiple cutaneous leiomyomata and solitary angioleiomyoma, depending on the origin of the tumour. A tumour may arise either from the erector muscles of the hairs and sweat glands or from the vascular (especially the venous) walls. In any case, these lesions seem relatively common, especially in the upper limb. In a series of 84 cases, Neviaser and Newman (1977) reported 24 situated below the elbow (30%), of which 10 were in the forearm, 2 at the wrist and 12 in the hand. The dorsum of the hand is more often involved (Stout 1953), but other sites have been described, such as the thumb (Matton and Defloor 1974) and the first interosseous space (Hauswald et al. 1975). Leiomyomata may occur at any age, particularly around 50 years old, affecting both sexes and both sides with equal frequency.


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