Synovial Sarcoma

  • Julien Glicenstein
  • Jacques Ohana
  • Caroline Leclercq


Stuer in 1893, Hardie and Salter in 1894 and Marsh in 1898 (cited by Mackensie 1966) described a malignant tumour of articular origin that was defined as a clinical and pathological entity by Smith in 1927. The term of synovial endothelioma used by Lejars and Rubens-Duval (1910) was replaced by that of synovialoma (Sabrazes et al. 1934) and then by the less ambiguous synovial sarcoma. Arising from some synovial component (articular, serous bursa, tendon sheath), this malignant tumour is rare, but its localisation in the feet and hands is common enough to constitute 10% of sarcomata of the soft parts of the extremities. Its slow growth, initially local and then extending distally over a varying period, is always associated with a poor prognosis.


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