Congenital Glaucoma. Long-Term Results of Surgery

  • R. Sampaolesi
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The follow-up of this group of congenital glaucoma during a long time, ten to seventeen years, allows us to distinguish three clinical types:

A first one, with complete healing and binocular vision, which results in a normal eye.

A second one, which looks like an open angle glaucoma. Surgery has decreased the intraocular pressure but it has not reached the normal values corresponding to the age of the patient. The eye has suffered an abnormal intraocular pressure for a long time.

And a third group divided in a, where the children came late to the ophthalmologist with a very enlarged eye; and b, where, although at the time they came the axial length was not so big, the time elapsed between this first visit and surgery was so long, that the eye continued to enlarge. In both groups, in spite of having a normal visual field and a normal optic disc, they have a macula alteration due to the ocular elongaiton.

All of this confirms what we have said in former papers: early surgical intervention in congenital glaucoma is imperative. Delay or failure in the surgery will markedly impair the function (visual field defects, early glaucomatous cupping and atrophy of the optic disc and impaired vision).


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