Results of the Survey on New Forms of International Investment (NFII)

  • Silvio Borner


Of the 272 firms which returned the questionnaire, 230 firms - 85% of the respondents — reported export activity. An additional 4% were planning to export in the near future. 94% of the exporting firms made sales in Western Europe and/or North America, 37% in the developing countries, 15% in the NICs and Japan, and 14% in Eastern European countries. The unweighted average of exports as a percentage of total turnover (1983) was 56%. A fourth of the firms which returned the questionnaire showed an average export level of under 20% and another fourth of over 80%. 29% of the small firms, 48% of the middle-sized firms, and 63% of the large firms exported over 60% of sales. The intensity of export activity clearly increases with the size of the firm. Table 13–1 compares the export activity of firms in our sample and the export activity of Swiss industrial firms as a whole.


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