λ1 Bearing Antibodies Against the α(1–3) and α(1–6)Glycosidic Linkages of the B1355 Dextran in Wild Mice

  • D. Juy
  • J. L. Guénet
  • F. Bonhomme
  • P.-A. Cazenave
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Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 127)


The immune response to the α(1–3) glycosidic linkage of the dextran (Dex) B1355 has been shown to be linked to the Igh locus (Blomberg et al. 1972, Riblet et al. 1975). In laboratory strains only mice with the Igha allotypic haplotype produce anti-α(l-3) Dex antibodies. This response is characterized by antibodies bearing the λ1 light chain (Carson and Weigert, 1973). The majority of these antibodies express a recurrent idiotypic specificity (IdX) present on both J558 and M104 myeloma proteins in addition to either IdI 558 or IdI 104 recurrent individual idiotypic specificities (Hansburg 1977, Clevinger et al. 1980, Stohrer et al. 1983a). At the clonal level, IdI 558 and IdI 104 determinants were not found to be present on the same molecule (Clevinger et al. 1980, Kearney et al. 1983).


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  • J. L. Guénet
  • F. Bonhomme
  • P.-A. Cazenave

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