Restriction Enzyme Polymorphisms in Vϰ and Jϰ Genes of Inbred and Wild Mice

  • P. D. Gottlieb
  • R. T. Boyd
  • P. D. Ponath
  • M. M. Goldrick
Conference paper
Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 127)


The existence of phenotypic polymorphisms in immunoglobulin heavy (H) and light (L) chain variable (V) regions suggests that somewhat different repertoires of V regions are expressed by different strains of inbred mice. Southern hybridization analyses of genomic DNA with probes specific for individual VƘ groups have demonstrated that several of these polymorphisms correlate with inherited differences in V gene segments (Goldrick et al. 1985; Huppi et al. 1985; Moynet et al. 1985). Huppi et al. (1985) also observed VƘ segment restriction polymorphisms by Southern hybridization that had not been suspected from studies at the protein level. Similarly, though no differences in CƘ regions had been observed among inbred strains, Southern hybridization revealed a restriction polymorphism distinguishing the SJL/J strain from most others tested (Huppi et al. 1985). Use of these restriction polymorphisms and phenotypic markers in genetic experiments will help to determine the long range order of genes in the Ƙ locus. Extension of the analyses to wild mice will give a better idea of the true extent of Ƙ locus polymorphism and help to determine the origin of existing inbred strains.


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  • P. D. Gottlieb
  • R. T. Boyd
  • P. D. Ponath
  • M. M. Goldrick

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