Igk Polymorphism in M. musculus domesticus Populations from Maryland and Delaware

  • L. A. D’Hoostelaere
  • M. Potter
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The genetic locus that codes for Igk light chains in mice is located on chromosome 6 approximately 32 centimorgans from the centromere (Valbuena et al., 1978; Hengartner et al., 1978; Swan et al., 1979; Gibson et al., 1983; Gibson et al., 1984; Gibson and MacLean 1979; D’Hoostelaere et al., 1985). The number of germline sequences for variable kappa (VK) in inbred mice has been estimated to be from 90 to 320 (Cory et al., 1981; Zeelon et al., 1981; Briles and Carroll 1981; Adams et al., 1981; Potter et al., 1982; Gibson 1984; Nishi et al., 1985). Cory et al., (1981) made their estimates on the basis of 7 canoni cal probes (11 originating from 8 myeloma cell lines). Each canonical DNA probe hybridized with a unique set of VK restriction endonuclease fragments (REFs). The sum of these sets of related VK genes are thought to correspond to a large part but not all of the VK groups identified by partial and complete amino acid sequencing (Potter et al., 1982). Some of the sets are clusters of nearest neighbor genes, e.g., as with VK21 (Heinrich et al., 1984). Clustering must be demonstrated for each canonical set since human VK groups have been found to be interspersed (Jaenichem et al., 1984; Peck et al., 1985).


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