Retrospectives and Outlook

  • Theodor Wieland
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The great number of references at the end of this book indicates the scope and the variety of items, which have been covered by research in the field of Amanita fungi. Here, the author has tried to guide the reader through a fascinating world, from the early history of the mounting interest and the engagement of scientists to the present situation. The route, initially following mycological, chemical and analytical paths, later branched to new regions as various as toxicology, pathology, hepatology, cytobiology and molecular biology, but again joining in biochemistry and chemistry. Some precedent and contemporary researchers are displayed on the initial pages; their history spans more than half a century, in which every of them, and numerous others, have contributed to the development of Amanita research.


Hydrolysis Mold Toxicology Valinomycin Gramicidin 

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