Efficiency of CT in Bone Tumors

  • G. Lechner
  • F. Karnel
  • W. Kumpan
  • M. Schratter
  • P. Ritschl
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Although plain film remains the most essential diagnostic modality, computed tomography (CT) is considered in many instances as the second most important investigation in bone tumors [10, 20]. With benign tumors CT has usually limited importance: its importance increases with the tumor’s aggressiveness and tendency to infiltrate surrounding tissues. This general statement is particularly true if surgery is considered for certain tumors such as malignant neoplasm of the long bones and of specific complex anatomic areas, e.g., pelvis, spine, thorax, and large joints. The high contrast resolution and the axial view of CT gives unique information in these situations, which is many times indispensable for management of the patients. Usually CT adds less assistance compared to the plain film in arriving at a primary diagnosis. Generally plain film gives a more complete overview and important differential diagnostic features, e.g., the various periosteal reactions are less obvious on CT with tumors of the long bones due to the slice thickness and axial view.


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  • F. Karnel
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