Usefulness of Regional Bone Measurements in Patients with Osteoporotic Fractures

  • C. Christiansen
  • B. Riis
  • L. Nilas
  • A. Gotfredsen
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The measurement of the bone mineral content of the skeleton has revolutionized the study of osteoporosis in the last 25 years. Initially, methods of grading the degree of bone loss from simple radiographs of the lumbar spine [1] and the femoral neck [2] were described. The poor precision of these techniques [3] led to the first method for measuring bone mass by the absorption of monoenergetic photons [4]. The distal third of the radius became the most widely used site [5], but methods have also been reported for os calcis [6], femur [7], and metacarpals [8]. It recently became possible to examine the bones of the spine using a dual isotope technique of photon absorptiometry [9]. Either a single dichromatic source [10] or two monochromatic sources [11] are used to measure the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lumbar vertebrae, allowing an estimate of the axial trabecular bone mineral content to be made [12].


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