Computed Tomographic Guidance Stereotaxis in the Management of Ninety-Four Lesions of the Third Ventricular Region

  • M. L. J. Apuzzo
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The advent of computed tomographic radiologic imaging has changed and enhanced the neurosurgeons perspective regarding definitions and strategies of mass lesion management within the intracranial space. The structural definition of the nature and extent of intra- and extraaxial mass processes has been developed to levels that have been previously unappreciated. Wedding of stereotactic instrumentation with such imaging techniques offers the surgeon important management optionswhen faced with intracranial mass pathology (Apuzzo et al. 1984a; A:Puzzo et al. 1984 b; Apuzzo and Sabshin 1983; Heilbrun et al. 1983). Nowhere is this more appreciated than in the third ventricular region where direct surgical approaches are undertaken with appreciable risk, and outcome is often only biopsy or surgical reduction of an inoperable lesion. This paper presents the utilization of computed tomographic guidance stereotactic techniques in the evaluation and management of 94 lesions of the third ventricular region.


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