Measurement of Oxygen Pressure for Control of Isolated Muscle Grafts

  • H. P. Keller
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As was first reported in 1976, the transcutaneous (tc) measurement of partial oxygen pressure (PO2) is a suitable method for controlling skin grafts. Using this technique in animal experiments, the healing of skin autografts and the rejection of allografts could be followed. On pedicle skin flaps, an improvement in the oxygen supply as a result of revascularization was observed between the 4th and 8th postoperative days (Figs. 1, 2). tcPO2 measurements showed that the ischemia which results from early gradual cutting off of the circulation of so-called axial pattern flaps seems to effect a more rapid revascularization from the graft bed into the skin flap. This is clinically important because the flap’s pedicle can then be safely detached at least 1 week earlier than usual. The tcPO2 measurement also facilitates the postoperative control of free, microvascularly transplanted skin and skin muscle grafts, which in the presence of good venous drainage often make a valied clinical assessment difficult.


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