Oxypherol — A New Way to Preserve Organs?

  • O. Ruland
  • H. U. Spiegel
  • J. Hauss
  • K. Schönleben
Conference paper


Despite the good organization of transplantation services in Europe, only 50% of the demand for kidney transplants in the Federal Republic of Germany is presently being met. This problem, as we all know, is extremely complex. A crucial factor is the amount of time that elapses before the transplant can be removed from the potential donor because of the examinations necessary to determine the time of death. Several times, among our own patients, it has happened that a potential kidney could no longer be explanted because, despite the application of drugs, hypotonic circulation could not be prevented.


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  • O. Ruland
  • H. U. Spiegel
  • J. Hauss
  • K. Schönleben

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