The Effects of Bleeding and Hemodilution on Muscular PO2 in the Dog

  • W. Fleckenstein
  • T. Kersting
  • A. Schaffler
  • R. Heinrich
  • K. Reinhart
  • C. Weiss
Conference paper


Changes in the oxygen pressure in the skeletal muscle of the dog following experimentally induced changes in the circulating intravasal volume were studied with a newly developed method [4, 5, 6, 7] for fast registration of tissue PO2 histograms (based on 200 single local PO2 values obtained within 6 min). The objective of the experiments was to study the relationship between muscular PO2 on the one hand, and systemic O2 delivery, systemic O2 consumption, cardiac output, and systemic vascular resistance, on the other.


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  • W. Fleckenstein
  • T. Kersting
  • A. Schaffler
  • R. Heinrich
  • K. Reinhart
  • C. Weiss

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