Response of Tissue PO2 of the Subcutis and Skin Muscles During Hemodilution with Dextran 60 or Ringer’s Lactate

  • W. Funk
  • V. Baldinger
  • K. Messmer
Conference paper


The use of crystalloid or colloidal solutions in primary fluid substitution therapy for hypovolemia has long been the subject of sometimes rather heated discussion, and there is still no agreement today on the indication and mode of action of the two substitution solutions [6]. In particular, little is known about the effect of hemodilution brought about by crystalloids or colloids at the microcirculatory level. This induced us to carry out a comparative study of the microangiodynamics and of the local tissue oxygenation under hemodilution with colloidal or crystalloid solutions.


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  • W. Funk
  • V. Baldinger
  • K. Messmer

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