Transcutaneous PO2 Measurements in the Surrounding of Venous and Neurotrophic Ulcers

  • H. Partsch
Conference paper


Transcutaneously measured partial oxygen pressure (tcPO2) is dependent on the systemic oxygen pressure in the arterial blood, the local perfusion pressure, the capillary density, and the local metabolic consumption. When the uptake of oxygen is not disturbed and its transport through the blood stream is not hindered, the tcPO2 apparently then has something to do with the nutrition of the tissue. It was therefore decided to perform tcPO2 measurements in patients with venous and neurotrophic ulcers, i. e., substance defects of the skin which cannot be expained by local ischemia alone.


Blood Flow Measurement Venous Ulcer Direct Heating Oxygen Inhalation Substance Defect 
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