125I Embolotheraphy of Renal Tumors

  • E. K. Lang


Radical nephrectomy is the procedure of choice for management of (Robson) stage 1 and 2 renal cell carcinomas (Table 1) [1–3]. Expanded surgical procedures have made possible the attack and successful removal of tumor extensions into the inferior vena cava and even into the right atrium and ventricle [4–8]. The 5-year survival rate for stage 1 and 2 renal cell carcinomas managed by radical nephrectomy has been reported as 67% and 51% respectively [3]. Even in patients with tumor extension into the inferior vena cava, the infrahepatic segment of the inferior vena cava, or the right atrium, 30–40 percentile 5-year survival rates are reported for surgical procedures extirpating the primary lesion and intravascular tumor extension [6–8].


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