Calcium Channel Blockers in the Treatment of Hypertension

  • P. Weidmann
  • M. P. Gnaedinger
  • D. E. Uehlinger
Conference paper


The central role that calcium (Ca) plays in cardiovascular regulation is well apparent in several clinical situations. Chronic hypercalcemia due to hyperparathyroidism, vitamin C intoxication, or other etiologies is sometimes accompanied by hypertension [1]. Acute hypercalcemia induced by Ca infusion may also increase blood pressure (BP), particularly in patients with impaired renal function [2, 3]. Conversely, acute severe hypocalcemia causes hypotension [4], and a pharmacologic inhibition of transmembranous Ca transport has been noted to lower BP in various forms of hypertension [5–7, 8]. Ca antagonists, as they were termed by their scientific godfather Fleckenstein [9], or calcium channel blockers (CCB), the term in use more recently [10], are agents that inhibit the cellular entry of calcium through a broad group of voltage-dependent and receptor-operated, Ca,-selective plasma membrane ion channels [11, 12].


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