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  • H. Petsche
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It is a great pleasure for me to have been asked to round off this gathering with some closing remarks. This gives me an opportunity to say a few words that I feel have to be said. At the very first, I think you all agree with me that this gathering was of great importance for epileptology. The reasons for this success, I think, are due mainly to the outstanding scientific work that has been done here — otherwise it would have been impossible to gather, in one place, so many qualified workers in this field in the middle of a season jammed with congresses and symposia. This centre for the treatment of grave epilepsies, which grew slowly and finally obtained a worldwide reputation, had its origins in the work of Prof. Rudi Hess who, from the beginning of his scientific career, fostered the idea of a treatment of epilepsies by neurosurgery. Professor Hess was among the first to supervise surgical interventions on the brain with his EEG machine. Therefore, it is only logical that the final success of this department, its great reputation, and with this also the success of our meeting are ultimately owed to him.

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