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  • Heinz Gregor Wieser
  • Christian E. Elger
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Inference from the clinical features of seizures as to the most likely seizure onset area is one of the central problems of this book. It involves correlating epileptic symptoms and signs with certain cerebral localizations. Sound localizational judgements, often based merely on the description of clinical seizure patterns, are first expected from the referring doctor, who has to decide whether he should send a patient to a special epilepsy surgical center. Frequently, the seizure patterns are the most decisive single factor for acceptance of a patient as a possible candidate for epilepsy surgery. Most effort during the presurgical evaluation is directed towards discovering whether the electroclinical accompaniments of the patient’s habitual seizures point to a single, restricted, and surgically accessible brain region. Furthermore, the clinical seizure pattern is often instrumental in making the final decisions when intracranial electrode placement is planned.

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