Epithelial Tumors

  • Mark R. Wick
  • Juan Rosai


Over the past 25 years, the definition, diagnosis, and treatment of thymic epithelial tumors has been refined continually. The group of neoplasms formerly designated generically as “thymomas” has now been divided into several distinct clinicopathologic entities (Bernatz et al. 1961; Lattes 1962; Katz and Lattes 1969; Rosai and Higa 1972; Levine 1973; Sterchi and Cordell 1975; Rosai and Levine 1976; Levine and Rosai 1978; Gray and Gutowski 1979, Snover et al. 1982; Wick et al. 1982; Lewis et al. 1987). The true spectrum of the morphological appearance and behavior of thymomas (i. e., cytologically bland tumors of the thymic epithelium) has thus been better characterized.


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