Scintigraphic Detection of Bone Metastases

  • E. K. J. Pauwels
  • H. E. Schütte
  • J. W. Arndt
  • A. van Langevelde


Following the introduction of suitable radiotracers for skeletal imaging, the detection of malignant bone disease became one of the important fields of interest in nuclear medicine. In many nuclear medicine departments bone scans may account for more than half of all imaging procedures. In oncology many applications of bone scintigraphy have been mentioned, and it is recognized that the bone scan is no longer solely used for the mapping of bone metastases, but among other applications also for therapy monitoring and the localization of sites for biopsy or further diagnostic imaging. It should be emphasized that in an era of limited funds for health care it is important to understand how useful bone scanning is. It is the purpose of this chapter to explore the indications for bone scintigraphy in the evaluation of patients with osseous metastases. In addition to this survey the cost-effectiveness of bone scanning in relation to its diagnostic yield and the proper choice of bone seeking radiopharmaceuticals for the detection of skeletal metastases will be discussed.


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  • H. E. Schütte
  • J. W. Arndt
  • A. van Langevelde
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