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The Estimation of Cadmium in Biological Samples

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Cadmium has a relatively low abundance in nature (the Clarke number is 5 × 10−5), but it has long been known because it is easily extracted from its ores. Although cadmium minerals are scarcely found in nature, it occurs widely by isomorphous replacement of zinc in sphalerite (Zn, Fe)S, which usually coexists with galena PbS. This substitution is due to the similar chemical properties of Zn and Cd, both in group lib. Zinc and lead are commonly recovered simultaneously by a blast furnace method. Cadmium is invariably a by-product and is usually separated from zinc by distillation or by precipitation from sulfate solutions by inc dust. The reaction corresponds to the following equation
$$\text{Zn} + \text{Cd}^{2 + }= \text{Zn}^{2 + }+ \text{Cd}\,\,\,\,\,E =+ 0.36\,\text{V}.$$


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