Nd: YAG Laser Application in Urological Tumors

  • A. Hofstetter
  • E. Schmiedt
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As result of our 13 years experience with lasers we have to establish of numerous experiments and attempts to utilize lasers in urology, the only one that has endured is open and endoscopic application of the Nd: YAG-Laser for destruction of benign and malignant tumors of the external genitalia and tumors of the urethral, vesical and ureteral mucosa. Cancers of the renal pelvis can also be destroyed by Nd: YAG-Laser. Apart from the Nd:YAG laser application the laser- photoradiation shows interesting considerations in the diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer. The endoscopic destruction of bladder tumors takes place in three steps, if there are bulky tumors. In these cases, the exophytic portion is first resected out with the electric loop deep into the bladder wall after coagulation of edges of the tumor. Then the base and edge of the tumor are postcoagulated with the neodyme-YAG laser. Smaller tumors are primarily destroyed with the neodyme-YAG lasers. Here, we first of all irradiated up to white coloration including the tissue surrounding the tumor to a breadth of about 0.5 – 1 cm in order to close off the afferent blood vessels, and lymphatics. Afterwards, the tumor is necrotized linearly. Immediately after the irradiation, the tumor is pulled up with a biopsy forceps.


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