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Radial Nephrolithotomy Under Ultrasound and Doppler Probe Control

  • P. Alken
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The operative treatment of urolithiasis is undergoing a process of great change. A variety of invasive and noninvasive techniques such as ureterorenoscopy (REUTER and REUTER 1983), percutaneous nephrolithotomy (ALKEN 1984) and extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy (CHAUSSY et al. 1984) are currently displacing classical Operation. However, neither of the two latter techniques in particular has so far become the treatment of choice for large staghorn calculi, the percutaneous approach being time consuming and associated with a high incidence of residual calculi. Despite extensive overall experience in some 1000 cases (CHAUSSY et al. 1984), shock-wave therapy has, similarly, not yet been applied to a sufficient number of staghorn stones to establish its role. It is nevertheless to be expected that some combination of shock-wave therapy and percutaneous nephrolithotomy will prove suitable for the treatment of at least part of these cases.


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