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Surgical Treatment of Renal Calculi

  • M. Marberger
  • W. Stackl
Part of the Handbook of Urology book series (HDB.UROLOGY, volume 17/2)


Nowhere in urology are these words more applicable than to the surgery of kidney stones. For the period 1970 to 1980 the Index Medicus lists 393 scientific papers on the subject, a figure which reflects not only the magnitude of the whole problem but also the immense efforts that continue to be made to improve the results of treatment. There is a corresponding State of flux in clinical practice. The last five years in particular have witnessed the ever more rapid application of new technologies to clinical problems. It is therefore no longer really possible to treat the subject in an encyclopedic fashion and still retain any claim to completeness or absolute authority. With this in mind we have limited oursei ves to giving a contemporary overview of current practice, in an account somewhat modified by our own clinical experience. Even by this approach we will inevitably present a number of techniques which may rapidly loose importance in the near future.


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