Brain Stem Afferents Bilaterally Branching to the Cat Cerebellar Hemispheres

  • A. Rosina
  • L. Provini
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It was recently observed (Rosina and Provini 1981) that basilar pontine nuclei (PN) projections to the cat cerebellar hemisphere are more bilateral than previously described. Subsequent work on animals with chronic mid-sagittal section of the cerebellum has shown that this bilaterality can be accounted for by divergent axon collaterals of individual PN neurons, given off at intracerebellar level (Rosina et al. 1980).


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  • A. Rosina
  • L. Provini
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  1. 1.Istituto di Fisiologia dei Centri NervosiCNRMilanoItaly

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