Prophylactic Effect of Gentamicin Cement

  • L. Lindberg
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We have known for some time from the work of Professor H.W. Buchholz in Hamburg, Germany and his coworkers that gentamicin-containing bone cement has a prophylactic effect against postoperative infections in total joint replacement surgery (Buchholz and Engelbrecht, 1970; Röttger et al, 1979). It is not possible, however, to draw definite conclusions about the prophylactic effect of gentamicin-containing cement based on the above mentioned investigations since they were not controlled. Therefore, to investigate the prophylactic effects of the gentamicin-containing cement in greater detail, a large-scale study was started in Sweden in 1976 (Josefsson et al, 1981). This study was undertaken by the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery at nine Swedish hospitals to enlarge the patient population sufficiently for an evaluable assessment. It was a prospective, controlled study, completed in 1979. The purpose of this investigation was to compare the generally accepted prophylactic effect of systemic antibiotics with gentamicin cement whose prophylactic effects were, at that time, somewhat questionable.


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